Saturday, July 26, 2014

Woodland Sampler Finish!

This morning I finally added the last thread to my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Woodland Sampler. I am so appreciative that the pattern included a 2014 stitching option - thoughtful. I have been close to finishing for days and there was just one thread of white missing. A finish!

Now on to the next step - eventually - I would like to sew this into a project bag. My plan is to do a few little pieced rectangles and have a fun woodland pink interior. You can see my initial fabric choices - just some pieces from my stash.

I bravely dug through my remaining WIPs and made a list of all I have to do. That includes some old projects that I started in 2001. Eeks! After writing them down I glanced through to see what caught my eye and this primitive piece was more complete than I thought. Maybe a few hours of stitching will result in a finished Christmas gift. It will be my first gift of the year so I am feeling bit behind.

It is"Hoe, hoe, hoe..." By Notforgotten Farm

Happy Stitching! ~aj


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