Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014

A new year with a left over pile of WIPs. Ugh! I feel as though I barely managed to finish any stitching in 2013. I am hoping that by starting a new blog I will actually stay motivated and complete many of my projects.

So far this year, all two days of it, I have worked on two projects. I may have a bit of ADD because I keep switching back and forth between them after only a thread of stitching. This method has caused a lot of progress...

I have just finished the stitching on my "Country Sampler freedom Needle Book" by Stacy Nash. It needs a really good pressing before I start to sew it into a needle book. I am completing this project using the supplies included in the kit. It has been a pleasure to stitch. I choose to stitch this piece in hand. There was a little more fabric than I like to hold due to the back cover being linen, too.

My other project is a bit larger, "Midnight Watch" by Blackbird Designs. I started it two years ago and do not remember what color linen it is. I believe it is a 30 count by R&R Reproductions. Until a week ago, this project had been waiting in a project bag less than halfway done. Lots of stitching later I have finally started the alphabet. I had imagined that this part would be quick, and it is compared to the denser sections, but there are still a lot of stitches. I hope to finish this piece by the end of the month.

Since working on two projects has led to a finish, I now need to choose another to add to my rotation. The urge to start anew must be ignored. I think this is my next piece:

It is " May Word Play" by With Thy needle and Thread. I have stitched January, February, March, and April. I love hanging them off a shelf at the start of the month.

Looking forward to posting again soon! ~aj


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  1. Any chance you would be interested in selling the chart from the Stacy Nash Freedom Needlebook? I just discovered it and found it to be an exclusive kit no longer available:( Thanks!